My first novel, Cloak of Destiny, has been published!

Attention Science Fiction Fans!

As those who know my work are aware, until recently all of my more than four hundred and fifty books have been non-fiction, usually in the historical, scientific, or literary genres.

Not long ago, however, I completed my first novel, a science fiction tale titled Cloak of Destiny, which is best described as a “cosmic mystery.”

This is the front cover, which my son Dana, a talented artist, created:


If you would like to purchase the book, click on the cover image directly above, which will take you straight to the Amazon site for it!

Several of the images Dana captured on the cover cleverly reflect or refer to events or ideas that appear in the book. I’ll allow you to find them on your own after you’ve read it.
(For those who are interested, I have inserted the entire cover art, including the spine and back cover, at the bottom of the page.)

Also, following is the brief teaser that appears on the book’s back cover:

As a young man, scientist and visionary David Welles thought he grasped humanity’s ultimate destiny. But these days he’s lucky to survive another day of his disillusioned existence as a pulp-fiction writer, and worse, to endure a relentless series of disturbing dreams about a mysterious bearded man. What he doesn’t know is that there are others who are having similar dreams about the same man, an individual Welles believes may be not only a real person but also one of the most renowned figures in human history.

Meanwhile, archaeologist Arthur MacKnight has discovered an astonishing secret in the deserts of Israel, revealing some startling previously unknown truths about humankind’s place in the universe. There is no doubt in his mind that when it becomes public the world as people now know it will change forever.

Challenging faith, logic, and reason, this riveting cosmic mystery recounts a remarkable science fiction tale never before imagined!

The novel is available from Amazon at a reasonable price. For those who prefer an electronic device like Kindle to a traditional flesh and blood book, it is being published on Kindle, too. I hope those who do read it enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it. And I’d love to hear what you think about it. (Write to me at my Contact Page.) Best, Don

Full cover art:


(Please take note of the stained glass shattering into shards. A terrific idea I cannot take credit for, because Dana thought of it, it reflects, or illustrates, one of the novel’s most important themes, which will become increasingly clear as you read it.)